Rainy Saturday

Although I already went shopping yesterday, I had to go again today!
Nothing's as good as starting the day with coffee and waffles and lots of stores to browse through!
Unfortunately, my friend and I got caught off guard when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs! I pitied my beautiful sandals... Poor leather soles!

blouse, cami, jeans, blazer- H&M; sandals- Jimmy Choo for H&M, bag- Esprit

I was eyeing a pair of dark red patent sandals, but somehow I couldn't really picture them in my closet.. Weird! (And shocking...)
But I got a dress, a tanktop and a new camera! Finally!
Now I'm off to paint my room... Ugh.. No motivation left for that!
A. xx


  1. glad you had a good shopping! you deserve it after a long day full of painting ;)

  2. Love this outfit - would wear it myself this second!