Christmas outfits

The title says it all! 3 dinners- 3 different outfits. Enjoy.

Everything (minus necklace from Glitter and random earrings) from H&M
Dress- gina tricot, tights- H&M, pumps- Vox

blouse- Vero Moda, skirt, top, ring & tights- H&M, pumps- Bullboxer, clutch- gina tricot, headband- Glitter

Hope you had a nice holiday with your families and friends and got everything you wished for! I certainly did, can't wait to introduce my new stuff to you soon!


Combat boots & a tweed jacket

Yet another round of poor quality pics.. I'm so sorry.
Threw on a pair of black jeans, white scarf, striped longsleeve and blue tweed jacket (all by H&M) and finished it off with my combat boots (a total life saver these days!).


Red ruffled girl

Dress, tights, top, scarf- H&M, boots- Zara
Decided to go for a pop of colour on this gray, rainy day!


One of those girls

First of all: Sorry for the picture situation. I need to find a person to take the pictures... and soon! These random, crappy changing-room snaps are just ridiculous :D
Well, moving on: Did you recall that, when you were younger and less fashion-crazy, you would look at the girls that wear shorts and tights in the middle of November, when other people are snuggling up in the warmest of clothes? I used to be this way. Raising my eyebrow every time I saw one of this species.
I couldn't help but chuckle when I realized: I've become one of them!
Wearing shorts, tights, scarf and top (H&M), blazer (Esprit) and ballet flats (Rocketdog).
Don't be worried, tho. I still had a coat with me. I might be fashion-crazy, but not weary of life ;)
Going to Lady Gaga's concert in Malmö tomorrow! Aaaaaaah!


The Blairest of them all

The coat, that is!
Worn with long leather gloves (gina tricot), boots (Zara) and a wool scarf, bag, tights and dress (H&M).



Today's shopping ensemble!
Just a top with slightly puffed shoulders, a light beige skirt with cat-print and my beloved brogues. These have to be my favourite shoes! They are quite painful after a while, but this doesn't keep me from wearing them ;)
Going to watch Brokeback Mountain now!



I hope you guys had a great Halloween!



Leopardprint // Day and Night Make-up

Talk about a Sunday double treat!

Here's a somewhat smokey eye day make up with nude lipgloss:

Just can't live without my mascara!
Here's the night version, with more eyeliner and reddish lipgloss:

And today's outfit!
pleather jacket- Amisu
jeans, scarf, shoes, ring, top- H&M
purse- KappAhl

Hope you had fun this weekend!



I can't believe I really uploaded my make up routine. Haha.

Please excuse my morning face... not really attractive! :D

The bare faced truth.
Putting on some concealer (on the right you can see where I usually put on some concealer, thought it could be nice to see where I apply it)

Foundation is already applied.

Now also my powder.

And blush.

Copper & brown eye shadow today... Felt sort of earthy ;D
Plus nude lipgloss.

Almost done!

No make up is complete without mascara!

Good to go! :)
Products used:
- Concealer by H&M (in 12 White Sand)
- Foundation by Lumene (Vitamin C+ 12h Radiance Makeup, in 01 Milky Honey)
- Powder by Manhattan (Soft Compact Powder in 1 Naturelle)
- Blush by essence (in 04 Best Friends)
- Eye shadow from H&M's eyeshadow palette, I used the colours 2, 20, 21 and 29
- Eye liner pencil from essence's Black Mania edition
- Mascara by p2 (carbon TEC in black)
- lipgloss by H&M (in Bella Bellina)
If you're wondering, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree-Line and some random German eco-line for my moisturizer.
Please no mean comments. Thanks.


Shopping My Closet

Sorry for the bad hair day! :D
Yesterday we were celebrating a birthday, so I figured dressing up would be nice (although it feels, in comparison to what I wear on a normal day, like being dressed casually, haha!)
Well, this dress was my first choice. I can't believe that I was unaware I even had this one... It's from H&M and when I held it in my hands again, I could remember why I bought it!
It's so classically chic, with the sweet bow print and ruffled v-neck. Definitely something I could imagine Blair Waldorf wearing!
I just put on a black cardigan and tights and I was done! Easy!
Gotta sleep a bit now ;D
P.S.: The ballet training is paying off! I have a better posture now.. and my legs are a bit more toned :) :)


Back In Black

My parents + brother visited me this weekend and by the time we decided to go to an Italian restaurant, which was amazing btw, I knew I had to pull this velvet H&M dress out of my closet! :) The fabric is so nice and cozy, I could sleep in this one!
(And there's no denying any longer: I do have some weird hourglass/pear-shape thing going on... Sigh!)

dress & tights- H&M; bag & "Love" necklace- KappAhl; shoes- Bullboxer; ring- Bijou Brigitte

My new boots! Almost 70% off! They're from DinSko.

You wouldn't guess that I'm only staying a year here, would you? :D

My new bag & necklace, a present from my parents! Both from KappAhl.
Gotta relax now! ;)
xoxo, A.


Do the Dot!

cardigan, shorts, tights & top- H&M; watch- DKNY; brogues- Taxi; ring- Bijou Brigitte
And brogues!
I've been sort of into the leg-baring-outfit-thing lately, as you can probably tell!
Looks so funny when I have my cape on and it looks like I'm wearing no pants at all, haha!
Sweden just brings out the best in me! :D
As for me, I'm in love with this outfit. Are you, too?

xoxo, A.


Cape-itol State of Mind

Cape- ASOS; tights, ballet flats, skirt, pullover, ring- H&M; bag- Esprit; watch- DKNY; earrings- Bijou Brigitte
May I introduce you to my new darling: my ASOS Military Hooded Cape! Love it!
Seems that I'm kind of a skirt-girl lately, but they go so well with the cape and tights and ballet flats.. Sigh!
Also fell in love with the colour green, again! Just take a look at my nail polish, my ring and my earrings, haha!
So glad it's Friday! Finally sleeping late and doing whatever I want tomorrow! :)
Have a nice weekend yourself!
Stay fab
xoxo, A.


Black & White

....makes gray!

patterned skirt, top, tights, bag, cardigan, ballet flats- H&M, belt- random, watch- DKNY
Didn't do much today, just headed to my Swedish class and had a vanilla Frapino at the Espresso House! Love!
Right now is the perfect weather to just go outside with a cardigan and some dress or skirt with tights. Fall is my favourite season, can't wait for all the leaves to turn orange, red and brown!
Dyed my hair a tiny bit darker, you like?

Stay fab
xoxo, A.


Shopping for GaGa

Err, sort of! With the moment I ordered a ticket for Lady Gaga's concert in Malmö, I couldn't help it but think of what to wear. So I dedicated this trip to Helsingborg to looking for appropriate attire!

Okay, this one's not really for the concert, but I was in need of a scarf! And this was one was on sale, -70%, so I thought this was my opportunity. It looks super cute, too!
And here we go with my first concert possibility: a white blazer by Lindex, was 50% off.
Loving the cut.. and the slightly exaggerated shoulders.

Could totally imagine wearing this one with a nice sleek black dress, tights and high heels!
If you're able to, check out the spreads in Vogue Germany. So inspiring!
Any other suggestions what to wear to GaGa?
Enjoy your weekend!
Stay fab, xx


Shopping Spree!

Went shopping today, here's what I got:

Lovely Mocca Frapino from Espresso House. Yummy!

Now off to read some InStyle, Elle and Vogue! Fashion overkill!
xoxo, A.