A day at the fleamarket

After sleeping until 11am (believe me, getting up at 5.30am is so draining.. I still have sleep to catch up on), I went to a fleamarket nearby.

I wore a dress, bag, sandals, belt and straw fedora (everything H&M), sunglasses (?) and the skirt I thrifted underneath the dress.
Although I was actually looking for jewelry, I found this cute little suitcase. It was so ridiculously cheap, there wasn't a reason why I shouldn't buy it.
I love the vintage-feel it has! Maybe I'll take this one as my hand luggage for my flight to Copenhagen!
Hope your day was as relaxing as mine!



  1. What a cutie-suitcase! Looks like a real catch!
    I'm just fancying dark red nail polish to go with it.

  2. Crazy idea to pair nail polish and a suitcase... Umm, yeah. :D

  3. very cute blue dress! and i'm loving the vintage suitcase, very classy! <3