Into The Blue

Just one picture today!
Everything's H&M, except for the sunglasses (C&A) and the shoes (?)!

Hope you had a great Monday!
A. xx


Yesterday: SATC2

SATC2! Finally! I have to say that I liked it a lot, although the scene where the women have haute couture under their burkas.. Um, yeah, sure.
But it's definitely a must-see!

This is what I wore: A simple black cardigan, white tee, jeans and black necklace (everything H&M), my beloved feathered clutch (ASOS), a pink ring (?) and black Zara sandals.
Comfy yet trendy!
But before we went to the cinema, my BFF and I went shopping, of course! Also got my hair cut (it's so short!!) and bought this lovely new dress in pale yellow:
Looking hot, right?
Enjoy your weekend!
A. xx


Fun in the sun

Just a quick post today- want to go outside and enjoy the sunny day!

Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present:
This week's challenge last denim shirt-outfit!

As you can probably tell, I neither bothered putting on make up nor real clothes :D
I'm so glad that I could finally wear the floppy hat I bought last summer, I haven't worn it before!

denim shirt- vintage; bikini top, shorts, bangles - H&M; sandals- ?; floppy hat- C&A

So if you'll excuse me now, I need to load up on sunshine! :)
(But if you have ideas for new challenges, tell me!)
Enjoy your sunday!
A. xx


Love Is In The Air

I have to admit it- this denim shirt is a wardrobe staple. Who would have thought it was THAT versatile? :)
Today was even hotter than yesterday and I really enjoyed spending some time in the shade reading. Also went to celebrate a friend's birthday with coffee and pie!
Here's what I wore:

denim shirt- vintage; blouse, flats, belt, clutch - H&M, pants -Zara; heart-shaped glasses, headband- C&A; ring- Bijou Brigitte
How pretty is my watercoloured clutch? Most of my friends actually don't like it, but I had to have it!
Same with my sunglasses, so cute!

And I need to correct myself: this is my favourite outfit!
Hope your day was as sunny as mine!
A. xx



Hey guys!
Woke up to sunshine today, such a great feeling!
I'm so glad that the temperature is rising... Can't wait to wear my dresses without tights!

I went shopping today and H&M didn't disappoint, as usual. : D
The straw fedora is from H&M's men department, perfect for summer!
And I've been looking quite a while now for a blue button-up, the hairband with the gems is just made for bringing out your inner Blair! :D

I wore my denim shirt with a red striped tee & black denim pants from H&M and my favourite Firetrap pumps!

Lotte also wanted to starr in today's post!
Only two more denim-shirt-outfits to go!
Enjoy your weekend!
A. xx


Lazy Thursday

Today was probably the most lazy day of the week! I only got dressed for my Swedish course! haha!
And I really wore my denim shirt with black denim pants! I'm so proud of myself! ;)

denim shirt- vintage; ballet flats, jeans, tee, necklaces- H&M, watch-DKNY

See you tomorrow!

A. xx


Triple trend!

Denim shirt? Check!
Lace skirt? Check!
Studded belt? Check!

Today's look is a bit like cowgirl meets girlie girl. The skirt and the shirt are obviously made for my Friis & Company bag! These sweethearts belong together.
Everything, except the denim shirt and the bag, is H&M, what a surprise!

Apparently, my ballet flats and black tights are my dearest companions this week! But I'll try my best to shake things up!

This is my favourite look so far, what do you think?
A. xx



It's the second day of my denim shirt-experience and I have to say that, although I really like this item, it's harder to put outfits together than I thought it would be.
That's mostly because I still shy away from wearing double-denim... It reminds me of my days back at elementary school, where you would just take something out of the closet, not giving a thought to whether it matches or not.
I highly doubt I'll get over that trauma in this week, but we'll see!

Today I paired the item of the week with my favourite trenchcoat, leopard scarf, ballet flats, butterfly ring, tights and dress- everything is H&M! The cute bag is vintage, I got it at a little store here!
I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with the result- it looks chic and classy with an edge!

I think this is what you'd call a bad-hair-day!

The best picture is blurry, of course! I really need to buy a new camera!

After proving that a denim shirt and classic clothes do match, I think I'll wear it with some sequins soon!

Have a lovely evening!
A. xx


This week's challenge // Comfort is key

Hey guys!

New week, new challenge: The denim shirt!
That means 7 -hopefully- gorgeous outfits for you- each containing my mum's old denim shirt!

Today was kind of lazy, so comfort was the most important thing today.
I paired the denim shirt with an oversized sequined tee by H&M, black leggings and ballet flats. The bangles are also from H&M :)

I was also too lazy to put in my contact lenses! Don't really like the way I look with my glasses, but I just couldn't be bothered, hah!

The denim shirt works well as a jacket, and, being oversized, it looks quite casual.
I'm curious if it can look chic/glamourous, too! We'll find out, promise!
See you tomorrow!
A. xx


Biker chic(k).. sort of

Due to the miserable weather we are having at the moment, I had to leave my lace-skirt in the closet and opt for something more appropriate instead:

jumper, necklace, ring- H&M, jeans- Blend She, boots- ?
I like the jumper -it's so cozy and versatile! I distressed the jeans myself, they are probably the best fitting pair of jeans I own!
Later put on an oversized green wool-scarf, I can't believe how cold it is! It's almost June!
Well, of course I didn't manage to take pictures of the clothes.. but oh well, I will wear them sooner or later ;)
Have a nice day xx


The Girl in the Red Coat

Just a quick post before I later head off to a get-together with some of my classmates.

I only wanted to show you my favourite coat this spring:
Aren't the sleeves and the collar super-cute? The coat matches my lipstick perfectly :)
I think it's from New York Laundry, I got it at an outlet-store. The oversized cardigan is C&A, the dress H&M. No idea where I got the tights and the shoes, hah!
Still didn't have the time to take pictures of my new H&M clothes... Maybe tomorrow? :)
A. xx


Today's outfit //recently in the changing cubicle...

Here's what I wore today: I love the combination of the ruffles and the stripes. Everything's from H&M, except for the belt. I got it at an outlet store. And the watch is DKNY.

I tried this dress on today, I'm not sure about it, though. Well, the chains are awesome.
Maybe I'll buy this one later.

And I can proudly present my new Zara sandals. Gorgeous! And a real catch, only 39€.

I also got a yellow polo-shirt, a sleeveless dress in pale purple and one in royalblue at H&M today. I think I'll post pictures later.
Have a nice day!
A xx


Feeling blue

Well, at least my legs are!

Celebrating this Sunday -and my cousin's confirmation- with my beloved blue tights. And a HUUUUGE bow in my hair. You just gotta love H&M's children's department.

cardigan & bow hairband- H&M, dress- New Yorker, tights- Avanti, ysl-y pumps- Bullboxer

wearing p2-lipstick in 'Fruity Chianti'

Enjoy your sunday and have an even better week!

See you.

A. xx