Red ruffled girl

Dress, tights, top, scarf- H&M, boots- Zara
Decided to go for a pop of colour on this gray, rainy day!


One of those girls

First of all: Sorry for the picture situation. I need to find a person to take the pictures... and soon! These random, crappy changing-room snaps are just ridiculous :D
Well, moving on: Did you recall that, when you were younger and less fashion-crazy, you would look at the girls that wear shorts and tights in the middle of November, when other people are snuggling up in the warmest of clothes? I used to be this way. Raising my eyebrow every time I saw one of this species.
I couldn't help but chuckle when I realized: I've become one of them!
Wearing shorts, tights, scarf and top (H&M), blazer (Esprit) and ballet flats (Rocketdog).
Don't be worried, tho. I still had a coat with me. I might be fashion-crazy, but not weary of life ;)
Going to Lady Gaga's concert in Malmö tomorrow! Aaaaaaah!


The Blairest of them all

The coat, that is!
Worn with long leather gloves (gina tricot), boots (Zara) and a wool scarf, bag, tights and dress (H&M).



Today's shopping ensemble!
Just a top with slightly puffed shoulders, a light beige skirt with cat-print and my beloved brogues. These have to be my favourite shoes! They are quite painful after a while, but this doesn't keep me from wearing them ;)
Going to watch Brokeback Mountain now!



I hope you guys had a great Halloween!