Life's good

Have you ever felt like your life is so good that you're afraid to really enjoy it and revel in your success? If yes- welcome to my world.
I can't believe that I graduated from school and that I'm really about to go to Sweden for a year...
Sometimes dreams do come true.

On Saturday, we got our diplomas. Reason enough to pull out the most classy-yet-outrageous dress I own:

dress- Goddess London; feathered clutch- ASOS; sunglasses- ?; nail polish- H&M
Loving the exaggerated shoulders and the neckline! Got it at an outlet-store, I think it's Goddess London (figures, doesn't it?) And yes, I couldn't leave my feathered clutch and blue nailpolish at home. While you're at it: Check out http://fashionstyleadvice.com , dear Milana also posted something about bright nail polishes! Certainly a trend one shouldn't miss this summer.

dress- teeze me; sandals- Buffalo
On Sunday, when the entire family and lots of families gathered together to celebrate me and my graduation & coming stay in Sweden, I put on a yellow dress and nude suede sandals, quite simple, but I think it works (and the colour complements my pale skin.. instead of making me look sick!)

I also -finally- got my new Ralph Lauren glasses. They are so perfect, can't wait to post a picture later. You' ll also get to know some new jewelry I bought on Monday... And of course my prom dress! Saturday, July 3rd!

A. xx


Plaid, plaid, plaid!

After a working, I went to a city nearby to shop with a friend.
It was neither hot nor cool outside, so I figured a plaid shirt and my favourite straw fedora would do the job! And my Jimmy Choo for H&M-sandals were also mandatory!
plaid shirt, leggings, straw fedora- H&M; sandals- Jimmy Choo for H&M, sunglasses- ?; watch- DKNY
Found these pretty shoes at H&M! Love them already, although it will probably be hard to keep that white linen clean.. Hm, never mind!

Need to go to bed now!
Take care, A. xx


Cropped & Cuffed

Okay, it's only slightly cropped and slightly cuffed, but I think you'll get the general idea! :D
Please don't mind me looking like a total slob, I just couldn't be bothered to do my hair today...

jeans, wedges- H&M; bag- ?; shirt- thrifted;

Yes, you can really buy Starbucks mocha latte chocolate in the supermarket. Finally! Since there aren't many branches here, this is a welcome change. Caffeine shock, here I come!
Found a plaid shirt and a knit cardigan at H&M's sale today, so happy! Well, it wasn't on my shopping list, but I figured there was enough space in my closet left ;)
And I'll finally get new glasses... Ralph Lauren, I honestly love you. :D
Have a great weekend!
A. xx


Rainy Saturday

Although I already went shopping yesterday, I had to go again today!
Nothing's as good as starting the day with coffee and waffles and lots of stores to browse through!
Unfortunately, my friend and I got caught off guard when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs! I pitied my beautiful sandals... Poor leather soles!

blouse, cami, jeans, blazer- H&M; sandals- Jimmy Choo for H&M, bag- Esprit

I was eyeing a pair of dark red patent sandals, but somehow I couldn't really picture them in my closet.. Weird! (And shocking...)
But I got a dress, a tanktop and a new camera! Finally!
Now I'm off to paint my room... Ugh.. No motivation left for that!
A. xx


Tribal feat. Trenchcoat

Yes, I do know it's summer. And yes, it's also quite warm in the evening, but I couldn't help putting on my trenchcoat before heading to my Swedish course.

At least my pants showcased that we're not in the middle of October!
tee, trenchcoat, ballet flats- H&M; bag- ?; pants- Zara
I love the bag's colour! Plus it's big enough to fit all my stuff, but -surprisingly- you can find what you need in no time!

Enjoy your weekend!
A. xx


A day at the fleamarket

After sleeping until 11am (believe me, getting up at 5.30am is so draining.. I still have sleep to catch up on), I went to a fleamarket nearby.

I wore a dress, bag, sandals, belt and straw fedora (everything H&M), sunglasses (?) and the skirt I thrifted underneath the dress.
Although I was actually looking for jewelry, I found this cute little suitcase. It was so ridiculously cheap, there wasn't a reason why I shouldn't buy it.
I love the vintage-feel it has! Maybe I'll take this one as my hand luggage for my flight to Copenhagen!
Hope your day was as relaxing as mine!




I wanted to provide you with pictures of my Esprit fabric store finds! I leave out the pair of sports pants, but I think you'll understand that, haha.

This blazer ought to cost 70€ before. I got it for 10.
I think it's very Blair and I love the colour and the emblem!

I immediately fell in love with this bag: classic, black, streamlined. 19€, do I need to say more??
I can't wait to fly to my favourite country in August! My Kingdom For A Dress goes Sverige!

A. xx


Dots & Stripes

After a -more or less ;)- hard day at work, I was glad to change in something more fashionable than casual and went straight to the Esprit factory store. It was insane! The girls were scratching and bitching around, as if this or that shirt was a matter of life!
Still got my fingers on a cute bag and a blazer made of cotton. Lovely!

My favourite Taxi shoes and H&M tights!
If you look closely, you can spot my electric blue nail polish!

(skirt, tights, button-up - H&M; shoes- Taxi; belt- ?; watch- DKNY)
Isn't Lotte quite the monster? Gotta love her! ♥

If your weekend starts tomorrow (like mine), enjoy it! If not... haha! JK!

A. xx