Life's good

Have you ever felt like your life is so good that you're afraid to really enjoy it and revel in your success? If yes- welcome to my world.
I can't believe that I graduated from school and that I'm really about to go to Sweden for a year...
Sometimes dreams do come true.

On Saturday, we got our diplomas. Reason enough to pull out the most classy-yet-outrageous dress I own:

dress- Goddess London; feathered clutch- ASOS; sunglasses- ?; nail polish- H&M
Loving the exaggerated shoulders and the neckline! Got it at an outlet-store, I think it's Goddess London (figures, doesn't it?) And yes, I couldn't leave my feathered clutch and blue nailpolish at home. While you're at it: Check out http://fashionstyleadvice.com , dear Milana also posted something about bright nail polishes! Certainly a trend one shouldn't miss this summer.

dress- teeze me; sandals- Buffalo
On Sunday, when the entire family and lots of families gathered together to celebrate me and my graduation & coming stay in Sweden, I put on a yellow dress and nude suede sandals, quite simple, but I think it works (and the colour complements my pale skin.. instead of making me look sick!)

I also -finally- got my new Ralph Lauren glasses. They are so perfect, can't wait to post a picture later. You' ll also get to know some new jewelry I bought on Monday... And of course my prom dress! Saturday, July 3rd!

A. xx


  1. Love the yellow dress! Very sunshin-y.
    Yeah, someone here's green with envy, to keep up the colour-talk, that you have actually graduated. ;)

  2. LOVE the black dress - and you look fab in those sunglasses!

  3. Okay. After going back page after page after page of dresses this is where I will stop and comment. I want what you're wearing. All of it! I want to go shopping like crazy now! But I have no1 to go with :(