Leopardprint // Day and Night Make-up

Talk about a Sunday double treat!

Here's a somewhat smokey eye day make up with nude lipgloss:

Just can't live without my mascara!
Here's the night version, with more eyeliner and reddish lipgloss:

And today's outfit!
pleather jacket- Amisu
jeans, scarf, shoes, ring, top- H&M
purse- KappAhl

Hope you had fun this weekend!



I can't believe I really uploaded my make up routine. Haha.

Please excuse my morning face... not really attractive! :D

The bare faced truth.
Putting on some concealer (on the right you can see where I usually put on some concealer, thought it could be nice to see where I apply it)

Foundation is already applied.

Now also my powder.

And blush.

Copper & brown eye shadow today... Felt sort of earthy ;D
Plus nude lipgloss.

Almost done!

No make up is complete without mascara!

Good to go! :)
Products used:
- Concealer by H&M (in 12 White Sand)
- Foundation by Lumene (Vitamin C+ 12h Radiance Makeup, in 01 Milky Honey)
- Powder by Manhattan (Soft Compact Powder in 1 Naturelle)
- Blush by essence (in 04 Best Friends)
- Eye shadow from H&M's eyeshadow palette, I used the colours 2, 20, 21 and 29
- Eye liner pencil from essence's Black Mania edition
- Mascara by p2 (carbon TEC in black)
- lipgloss by H&M (in Bella Bellina)
If you're wondering, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree-Line and some random German eco-line for my moisturizer.
Please no mean comments. Thanks.


Shopping My Closet

Sorry for the bad hair day! :D
Yesterday we were celebrating a birthday, so I figured dressing up would be nice (although it feels, in comparison to what I wear on a normal day, like being dressed casually, haha!)
Well, this dress was my first choice. I can't believe that I was unaware I even had this one... It's from H&M and when I held it in my hands again, I could remember why I bought it!
It's so classically chic, with the sweet bow print and ruffled v-neck. Definitely something I could imagine Blair Waldorf wearing!
I just put on a black cardigan and tights and I was done! Easy!
Gotta sleep a bit now ;D
P.S.: The ballet training is paying off! I have a better posture now.. and my legs are a bit more toned :) :)


Back In Black

My parents + brother visited me this weekend and by the time we decided to go to an Italian restaurant, which was amazing btw, I knew I had to pull this velvet H&M dress out of my closet! :) The fabric is so nice and cozy, I could sleep in this one!
(And there's no denying any longer: I do have some weird hourglass/pear-shape thing going on... Sigh!)

dress & tights- H&M; bag & "Love" necklace- KappAhl; shoes- Bullboxer; ring- Bijou Brigitte

My new boots! Almost 70% off! They're from DinSko.

You wouldn't guess that I'm only staying a year here, would you? :D

My new bag & necklace, a present from my parents! Both from KappAhl.
Gotta relax now! ;)
xoxo, A.