I'll let the pictures do the talking! :)

looking thrilled! :D
dress- Vero Moda, shoes- Zara

enjoying Ben & Jerry's ice cream!
jeans- Only; bag- ?; cardigan, bracelet, top & hat- H&M; watch- DKNY

Live concert at Kungsträdgården!
top & shoes- H&M; bag & sunglasses- ?; jeans- Only; necklace- Bijou Brigitte
pants- C&A; top, hat & shoes- H&M; watch- DKNY; bag & sunglasses- ?

new clothes!

leggings, t-shirt- H&M; sandals- Jimmy Choo for H&M; watch- DKNY; bag- ?

shoes, skirt, blouse- H&M; bag & sunglasses- ?
It was a blast, really! Can't believe my last visit was 3 years ago!
It still felt familiar somehow. And people mistook me for a Swede quite a lot, which seems really flattering!
The weather was incredible, I mostly saw well-dressed guys (or.. maybe I've been paying more attention to the guys... :D) and we even went to Historiska museet and the Nationalmuseum!
So it hasn't only been three days of shopping. To be honest, I thought I'd buy more.
But there's plenty of time to catch up on that when I'm with "my" family!
Only 15 days left!
A. xx