I wanted to provide you with pictures of my Esprit fabric store finds! I leave out the pair of sports pants, but I think you'll understand that, haha.

This blazer ought to cost 70€ before. I got it for 10.
I think it's very Blair and I love the colour and the emblem!

I immediately fell in love with this bag: classic, black, streamlined. 19€, do I need to say more??
I can't wait to fly to my favourite country in August! My Kingdom For A Dress goes Sverige!

A. xx


  1. that has got to be the cutest purple jacket i've seen. Esprit rocks! <3

  2. Ich liebe the jacket! It's very cute and I love the color!

    I randomly found your blog on CollegeFashion and I noticed that your blog has german inscriptions. Do you live there? I took a German class this year and I fell in love with this langage.