Good ol' times

To get everyone in the right mood, here are two outfits from autumn 2009:

wearing: dress, tights, scarf- H&M, boots- Zara, watch- DKNY

wearing: dress, tights, cardigan, bangles- H&M, boots- Zara, belt- unknown, watch- DKNY
Obviously, I was a huge fan of my Zara boots back then, hah! Still love them, not appropriate for the kind of weather we're having at the moment, though.
Berry colours are still a favourite, can't get enough of them!
Hope to post a few recent outfits soon!
See you. xx


'Tis most splendid!

The first official blog.
Torn between arranging my shoes anew and studying for my biology exam (the last one, finally!) on Friday... Guess what I chose?

See you tomorrow.