Cropped & Cuffed

Okay, it's only slightly cropped and slightly cuffed, but I think you'll get the general idea! :D
Please don't mind me looking like a total slob, I just couldn't be bothered to do my hair today...

jeans, wedges- H&M; bag- ?; shirt- thrifted;

Yes, you can really buy Starbucks mocha latte chocolate in the supermarket. Finally! Since there aren't many branches here, this is a welcome change. Caffeine shock, here I come!
Found a plaid shirt and a knit cardigan at H&M's sale today, so happy! Well, it wasn't on my shopping list, but I figured there was enough space in my closet left ;)
And I'll finally get new glasses... Ralph Lauren, I honestly love you. :D
Have a great weekend!
A. xx


  1. i like your "slob" look ;) you still look adorable no matter what!! ;) jeans and t-shirt are always a good option for casual day!! ;)

  2. Rolling up those pants! I like it!