Shopping My Closet

Sorry for the bad hair day! :D
Yesterday we were celebrating a birthday, so I figured dressing up would be nice (although it feels, in comparison to what I wear on a normal day, like being dressed casually, haha!)
Well, this dress was my first choice. I can't believe that I was unaware I even had this one... It's from H&M and when I held it in my hands again, I could remember why I bought it!
It's so classically chic, with the sweet bow print and ruffled v-neck. Definitely something I could imagine Blair Waldorf wearing!
I just put on a black cardigan and tights and I was done! Easy!
Gotta sleep a bit now ;D
P.S.: The ballet training is paying off! I have a better posture now.. and my legs are a bit more toned :) :)

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