I can't believe I really uploaded my make up routine. Haha.

Please excuse my morning face... not really attractive! :D

The bare faced truth.
Putting on some concealer (on the right you can see where I usually put on some concealer, thought it could be nice to see where I apply it)

Foundation is already applied.

Now also my powder.

And blush.

Copper & brown eye shadow today... Felt sort of earthy ;D
Plus nude lipgloss.

Almost done!

No make up is complete without mascara!

Good to go! :)
Products used:
- Concealer by H&M (in 12 White Sand)
- Foundation by Lumene (Vitamin C+ 12h Radiance Makeup, in 01 Milky Honey)
- Powder by Manhattan (Soft Compact Powder in 1 Naturelle)
- Blush by essence (in 04 Best Friends)
- Eye shadow from H&M's eyeshadow palette, I used the colours 2, 20, 21 and 29
- Eye liner pencil from essence's Black Mania edition
- Mascara by p2 (carbon TEC in black)
- lipgloss by H&M (in Bella Bellina)
If you're wondering, I use The Body Shop's Tea Tree-Line and some random German eco-line for my moisturizer.
Please no mean comments. Thanks.


  1. Haha, I loooove other people's foundation routines. Mine's very similar to yours, I start out with foundation though (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse 032 Golden), apply Powder then (Catrice Mineral Compact Powder 020 Soft Beige), Concealer (Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer 04 Rose Beige), Eyebrow gel (I've been obsessed with it lately - alverde transparent eyebrow gel) and blush.
    Sorry for rambling :D

  2. ive never tried H&M's makeup. do you like it? looks great on you!

  3. @archives Well, the concealer, eye shadow and lipgloss is definitely worth a try! The nail polish is very nice, too.

    Thanks for your comment! xx

  4. Love this post! You're pretty with and without make up!

    Xx Milana