It's the second day of my denim shirt-experience and I have to say that, although I really like this item, it's harder to put outfits together than I thought it would be.
That's mostly because I still shy away from wearing double-denim... It reminds me of my days back at elementary school, where you would just take something out of the closet, not giving a thought to whether it matches or not.
I highly doubt I'll get over that trauma in this week, but we'll see!

Today I paired the item of the week with my favourite trenchcoat, leopard scarf, ballet flats, butterfly ring, tights and dress- everything is H&M! The cute bag is vintage, I got it at a little store here!
I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with the result- it looks chic and classy with an edge!

I think this is what you'd call a bad-hair-day!

The best picture is blurry, of course! I really need to buy a new camera!

After proving that a denim shirt and classic clothes do match, I think I'll wear it with some sequins soon!

Have a lovely evening!
A. xx

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  1. Great style, love today's outfit! Well done, Miss Jeans Shirt! :)
    I absolutely love the scarf! <3